Monday, 20 June 2016

The monster in the closet

I was reading one of the Yarn Harlot's books the other day and came across her essay on the 'monster in the closet' and how we all have one, those projects that we poured our souls into, but that we ought to have let die a natural death.

I think moving for the second time in the last few years has pretty much cleared those from my WIP bin.  There is nothing that I will not finish here.

My mittens from Tuulia Salmela's fantasic Deep in the Forest pattern.

My Bridgewater shawl, which has an error and so little of the lace left to do. The link directs you to the original pattern since you really can't see much of what it will be till it is blocked.

Keith's blankie.

These are the only projects that have been around long enough to even think about turning into the monster in the closet and they are all going very well.  The rest of my things are under a year old.

Purging: How to get rid of monsters in the closet.  It kind of goes for the rest of the things of life that can turn into the monsters in the closets.  I know it will seem farfetched to some of you, but doing this renovation is bringing back so many rich memories, mostly really really good, but it is surely making it clear that it is time to close the door on even the friendly monsters and make them be just the memories they are.

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Sel and Poivre said...

Treasuring monsters was something I learned at my mother's knee - it was part of how she saw the world so I used to think it was how I saw the world too.. Once I started banishing monsters though I realized I wanted a monster free life ( or as close to one as I could get) and so finally came to the same conclusion as you describe. It's a great way to live/create!