Monday, 27 June 2016

Gosh Darn It

You know how sometime, a yarn is in your stash and it's a kind of a favourite so you pet it and don't knit it. It is always out for kntting, always high on the list, but you never get there. 

Well, this ball was one of mine.

Every time I gathered yarns to keep on top of the pile for quick access to knit, this ball was there for me.  But each and every time, it was the one that did not get knit.

Last evening while waiting for a foot size for these socks

 (the receiver has a size 10 foot so I have been told)  I sat there, desperately needing something to do, and needed to keep avoiding that shawl.  Sp I picked up what was once again to the top of the pile and I just dug in.

And got the surprise of my life.

There is a gray and blue section.  A soft blue and a wee bit of navy too.  I was so busy being distracted by the wonderful combination of turquoise and purple that I never, in all the years I played with this yarn, that I never saw its soft gray heart.

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