Thursday, 28 April 2016

More good plain knitting

As I was starting and restarting and starting the sweater for Isaac, I kept forgetting things I knew about him and what would work for him.  i got this picture in my head of what it should be without remembering the most important thing about the sweater.  And that is, the boy who would wear it.  It is why I couldn't seem to get it right and why there were so many false starts, but I really do have it now.

Boys, like men, are not into fussy.  I know this from the raising of three of them.  I particularly recall a shopping trip with one of them, where we walked into a Work Wearhouse store and walked out about 10 minutes later with his whole wardrobe ready for school: 3 t-shirts, all the same colour, a pack of tube socks and two pair of jeans.  We would have been faster if he hadn't tried on the jeans.   Isaac is very like this.  Fuss is not something he is into.  Superheros, yes, but not fuss.

So this sweater needs to be unfussy.  It also needs to be something grandma doesn't get bored doing.  It won't for two good reasons.  It is small and therefore is a quick knit, and there are little cable things going on to keep me entertained.

It is moving along speedily and I feel really good about it.  

I am not going to do initials on the faux seam under the arms, but will do a cable.  I have more stitches happening at the undersleeve, and I haven't yet decided if it will be the same cable or a different one.  On the sleeves, it is a 2 stitch rope (using 4 stitches with a purl stitch on each side.  Under the arms, I have 8 stitches and 2 purl stitches running alongside. I have the option to do something fancy or I could make a wider single rope.  I have one more row to knit before I have to make that decision.

Whatever it will be, it will be simple.  Once that decision is made, the next big thing is what kind of pockets.  I am leaning to a hoodie style pocket, picked up from the bottom, just before the bottom ribbing and grafted at the top, once the whole body is knit.  I am not sure how others would construct that kind of pocket.  I ought to do a little research, I suppose.  A straight slit pocket is possible too, but feels plain, and far too small for all the things a boy might need in his pockets.

One thing is for sure.  I am entertained with all the planning.

My kiddies are landed and getting settled with Babushka in Kyiv (Kiev).  They are probably just at their dinner right now, after a full day of play. Next up, to be sure, is an early night to catch up on their sleep and if they don't need to catch up on sleep, mamma sure does. The flight was much harder on mamma this time.  Delays and fractious kiddies took their toll.  But the main thing is, that they arrived and the rest is nothing that a couple days sleep and a hug from momma and grandma can't fix.



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