Friday, 15 April 2016

Lace, lace, lace

I've been working on the Bridgewater Shawl pretty steady and I am pleased to say I am half way through the lace chart. 

It doesn't look like much to an unschooled eye, but like all lace the magic is in the blocking.  It will come true then.

It's my morning knitting and my sitting in the evening knitting.  There may be a day down the road when I try lace when I am with the kids but today is not that day.  Nor is tomorrow.  But one day.

I have just moved to ball number three so I will have lots of yarn to make it larger, as I have always planned.  The lace grows at the perfectly countable rate of 8 stitches per lace pattern so the border will be easy to  place after more repeats of the chart.

At the same time, even now, there are a great number of stitches to get round the shawl.  It takes a fair bit of commitment to get round each row.  I expect there may be a lull in my knitting of this, but I hope not for too long.  I really am looking forward to it's completion.

It's an odd place to be.  This place between want for the shawl and the struggle for completion.  I love it, but I dislike it at the same time.  Chin up though.  Lace knitting moves fast and is fun to watch rows as they change so subtly.  As long as I keep the tedium of almost 700 stitches out of my thoughts, I should be fine.

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