Monday, 14 March 2016

The move is complete!

I am tired, really tired, but things are mostly where they are supposed to be and I can more or less get around in my room. There is a little work, a closet and some cabinets to pack and move but I can do that pretty much on my own and it all goes to storage. I am done.  Let them knitting resume!

I was sitting knitting last night when it hit me.  I am doing it wrong.  I was devastated.

 I ought to be knitting a section of a little rope like twists inside the expanding outer lines of design, but I am not.  I appear to be kintting a fenster, a window. 

I debated pulling it out to where I went wrong, but I decided to keep it.  I will knit a second correct motif after this little fenster is done and no one but me will be the wiser.  It will look like it is meant to be. 

Unless you guys tell, of course.

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