Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sort of.

Well then.  Here I am.  Settled.  Sort of.

Half of my furniture is still not here and will await the moving van, but the yarn, my books (some of them), all my knitting library, (No, that isn't all of it), my bed and my clothes are here.  Half of my computer set up (my tablet) is here and I am more or less settled.  Everything else awaits the moving van, whence it shall go into storage for the next time I have more of a space just for me.  

Still, this is a pretty good space.  It was formerly my study and now will be that again, but also a bedroom.  And oh yeah, for the very first time, the stash is living outside this room. In former days the rule was I could only have yarn so long as it fit in the room.  It did, but the spinning had to be in the family room.

There is lots to do yet at my wee house so posting and knitting may be a little  sluggish again this week.  I am thrilled though.  I am, once again, right near the yarn that I am using for the twisted stitch Wrap.  I used up every possible inch that I had but the yarn boxes were moved several weeks ago and  it was all so far away.  Now it is just outside the corner.  There will be twisted knitting on it.  I am so excited.  

So I am settled.  Sort of.

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