Wednesday, 9 March 2016


The one word I never apply to my knitting is the word reasonable.  There is nothing reasonable about the way I knity.  Rather it consumes me.  And my day and everything else. 

Till today.  I knit a reasonable amount on this. 

My hope was to be able to knit just a wee bit more when I got home last night but that did not happen.  I did not get home from packing up a little more till very late so it was straight to bed for me. 

I spent my day packing up the kitchen, well, the pantry at least, and going through all the other rooms to catch the last bits and pieces.  Even though the last year has been very much about going through bits and pieces, there still are so many little bits of things not sorted not done... Life does not seem to happen in big chunks most of the time.  It seems to happen in little bits and pieces and the leftovers wait for you to deal with them and box away into neat little compartments.  I wasn't boxed if you see what I mean. Maybe no one ever is.

At any rate, I did get a little knitting done yesterday morning before I went out to knit.  This was not at a point where I could just zip along sans book, so I had to work on something else.  And that something else is starting to look most advanced.  But more about that tomorrow.  Spread out the blog fodder, I say. 

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Sel and Poivre said...

In my perfect world I would do one job until it was done then on to the next and the next but as you say, that is just not the way reality is. Kind of funny...probably my only uninturrupted project of adulthood is dealing with that fact. Ha!