Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Knitting Away

I am here, busy knitting away on my wrap and it strikes me that there are some things about making a big warm wrap at this time of year.

It's big.  Right now, it is the size of a pretty decent lapghan, if a wee bit narrow.  

It's warm.  I am so looking forward to using it to snuggle in when I am reading or watching tv after a good days work.

If it was a sweater, I would be almost done.

It's like knitting stripes.  One pattern each section means that I understand pattern repeats quickly, so on each row, for each row, I find myself saying in my head 'Now it's this, then it's that'.  Always a little litany to accompany the knitting.

I absolutely adore this kind of knitting.  There is something happening each row, and even the rows where there isn't a lot of movement, there is the thrill of the little twisted stitches and those twisted stitches are so suited to my usual style of knitting.  

It is just the most fun you can have in knitting.

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