Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A new Commission

I don't get asked to knit a lot of things and when I do, the only people I really pay attention to are my family. They don't ask for much.  So when they do, I really do want to get it there and have it be something that they like.

Isaac asked me for a scarf the other day. An orange scarf, because that is his favourite colour.  Well, that and blue.  He said he never had a scarf before, so I guess I had better make him one.

I went out to source out yarn.  the stash doesn't have a lot of orange in it.  A little rust but very little orange. I picked up some Rowan Pure Wool Worsted.  

 I really do like this Rowan line.  It is supremely washable and wearable.  Torture tested by me and it's pretty impressive.

Still, as I was working, I worried and wondered.  This is Isaac who really doesn't like to be too warm and who has been given, quite sadly, a 'wool is scratchy' thing.  I am working on him, by showing him how much of his clothing is knitted fabric and how comfortable it is to wear, but still.  I want him to wear this.  And then there is the other thing.

I kept looking across the room to the bag holding his Uncle's afghan.  That blanket has orange in it and it is  a very long way from done.  I am on the first section of orange and could substitute yarn in it easily.  The blanket is being made in Berroco Comfort Chunky.  Isaac has a blanket made of that yarn at home and he pointed out to me, that orange just like that would be great.

And third, the blanket might be in Comfort Chunky but the orange sections are being made in Comfort doubled and it isn't perfect.  I avoid the project because the orange doubled is too thick and has to be knit very firmly.

I sat there with about a foot done, and well, gave up, listened to my heart and am now a couple feet into a nice orange scarf.

 In Berocco Comfort.

There will be a place for the Rowan I am sure.  It's such a great yarn and there will be something that needs orange.

I aim to please, but mostly I am to please me, and this does.

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Sharon in Surrey said...

Good for you!!! If he won't use it, it isn't worth making!!!