Sunday, 24 January 2016

There is just nothing like it.

I know that no one is going to understand it, but each time I finish one of my long standing projects, I cry.  They have been my companions and in a way I will miss their being at the bottom of the box.

Nothing like it.  Nothing like the pleasure of a finished sweater.  11 balls of Drops Alpaca and lots of stockinette added to the glorious simplicity of  the design, the Still Light Tunic by Veera Valimaki.  

It needs a good bath and blocking and then a very little finishing, including a single button at the back of the neck...And then off to do a good sweater's duty.

I have always thought that I needed to knit sweaters, even long before I felt I could knit sweaters.  It's always the most incredible pleasure when that last stitch pops off the needles and I look up and there it is.  A complete sweater. A wearable garment.  

I have the ability to clothe myself and my family by the power of my own hands. That is such an incredible affirmation of my purpose in the world. 


Sel and Poivre said...

This sorely tempts me I tell you! What a fantastic piece!

Brendaknits said...

All those physcological benefits and it looks so good too.