Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Going through

Today is going to be a day for going through stuff.  you would think that I have gone through all the stuff I have, but honestly, when you live in one place for over 20 years, even when you don't mean to, you accumulate stuff.

Today, I bring you this.

4 large boxes of old VHS tapes we recorded and a selection of movies that were once Christmas presents for our kids. I went through 1 box of these before, but it is time to delete the remainder from my space.

There is a stack of things to go through because there are no labels on them, and some destined for video capture, but I mean to see the vast bulk of these be gone in short order. Part of the process is not knitter friendly and part of it is very knitter friendly.  So I am kind of looking forward to it all.

There will be knitting. I am debating the green sleeves, but I am not sure I am quite ready for the push to get them done yet.  It might interrupt the push to get the other sweater done and I am on a roll with that one.  

I am also going to work a little on the Twisted Wrap today.  That has a deadline, well a finish line really attached so I think I need to work on that a little bit every day. It is easy knitting, and it goes fast.  The changes in the pattern as your move row by row, always keep you focused on going forward.  That takes me to that knitting place where knitting time and knitting space meet Einstein's relativity theory.  (Of course Einstein was thinking about knitting relativity :)) In relation to the rest of the day, time and space just fly.

I have to say, I am really enjoying working on the wrap.  The first section is turning out beautifully and I am so pleased.  Even this single small basic element worked en masse, across the whole of the fabric is making such a statement.  It is capturing everything I was looking for.  In just a few stitches.

Like.  Bigtime.   

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