Tuesday, 12 January 2016

A little twisting

As much as I love knitting the twisted stitch wrap, I am giving at least equal time to the sweater.  I just want to finish it up and get it off the needles and into my wardrobe.  A good plain sweater.  I need a few more of those in my wardrobe.

It shouldn't take too long.  I am past the thinking part and I don't have to worry  about having enough yarn.  I have 5 full balls left and already have 14 inches of fabric below the armscye,

 so another 4 or 5 inches maximum.  I get a healthy couple of inches out of each ball of yarn so I am good to go. Though there is a swath of stockinette to go, it never really feels like you aren't getting anywhere.  Just when you are wondering if this row will ever end, you get to side seam marker set one, and then you knit till you wonder and voila, side seam markers number two!

I love this small touch down the sides.  It is a break in the smooth field of stockinette, just a touch of texture that says, hey, I am here and I am special.  It doesn't whack you over the head with texture like the twisted stitches on the wrap do.  These just are, and if you notice them, great.  If you don't, your loss and they are ok with that.  They have their own little thing going on and they are quite content with it.

I am still debating the hem treatment.  It's getting close to where that would have to happen, if I do it. I want to knit another ball of yarn and then, I think I am going to put the stitches on a string, rather than on needles for a try on. You get a clearer idea of how the garment drapes and sits with something softer than the cables of needles. Knowing whether a split hem is right for this sweater, is going to depend on the drape of it. 

Anyway.  A little more unthinking knitting before I need to know.

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