Wednesday, 4 November 2015

They are indeed

They are indeed the little hat kits with the stuffies on top.  I am enjoying these enormously! And am very pleased with the fibre.  Nice and cushy.

Hat 2 done today, and just two little monkey topped hats to go on this Christmas knitting.  

More kiddie sitting  for Thursday.  I am taking the blob with me.  The way that my DILs job is working out demands it.  She has a client on Friday as well as tomorrow so I will be staying overnight.  The blob will give me all the knitting I could possibly need to get me through till I get back home.

I completed the felting of the sleeves swatch and it was completely unrevealing.  The sample where I picked up every third stitch is too few stitches and the other where I picked up every second is too many.  So I suppose I will stick with the 2 for 3 or 3 for 4 rule and hope and call it good.

Might tuck that green little hat in the carry along bags too.  I can work on it when I am tired of big needles and can give it a sizing on Marcus head. That way, when I am knitting the monkey hats, I will get his sized just so!

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