Thursday, 26 November 2015

The need

I always wanted to knit because I wanted sweaters.  Not sweaters like I could buy in the store, but something better. Eventually, that became something that fit better than what I could find in the store, but I have always been about the sweaters.

Out of the blue, I got a call yesterday about a job that I applied for back in March.  There is little chance I will get it, I am outside their target group, but it would be so lovely.  It would be only a 5 minute commute which would be the nicest thing about it.  No city driving.  

And the first thing I thought about was Ripstick.  I wish I had paid attention to it so that it was done.  It would be such a great sweater to wear to an interview.  

I will look at it but I don't really expect there is enough time to do all the finishing and I do want the finishing to be right.   I only short change myself, if I shortchange the finishing of a lovely garment.

There is always the lovely Myliu Lino to wear.

With a dark winter shirt underneath.  Perfect.

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