Monday, 26 October 2015

I am stuck in that Movie and I can't get out

Oh yes, the blob has completely taken over my life.  I can't get out.  I haven't started dreaming about it yet, but I probably will.

I spent the whole weekend knitting on front one, hating knitting it, and avoiding knitting it.

It isn't really that I hate the project.  I am looking forward to the project in truth.  I am excited for it to be done and am energized by the idea of the project.  But I hate, hate, hate, truly, deeply, loathe working on big needles.  There is a whole other way of knitting with needles this size and it just doesn't feel natural.

I can knit for a couple hours on it and then I have to have a break.  In that break time, I decided to start some of my bit of Christmas knitting.  

I haven't finished it yet because I am debating whether I like the way I did the decrease section.  They call for a 6 set decrease and I did 4.  I might go back and redo.  There is also a fair bit of yarn left and I was thinking of using it all up and making the hat so that you could flip up the brim.  I can gain more wear time for my kiddies as they grow.  This one is for my sweet thing, and she is going to love that orange stripe.  It is a soft yummy feeling stretch of yarn.

By early Sunday morning, I had half the green section to complete, which I did, and then I gave myself  the grace of not starting front 2.  I gave myself the rest of the day off of the blob.  It was lovely.

Its funny how irritation in one part of life can bleed into the rest of things.  Mine sure did.  As the last week knitting on the blob progressed, I found myself becoming more and more discontent.  Angry almost.  Unsatisfied.  Generally grumpy.  Curmudgeonly even.  What to do when you feel all out of sorts and dissatisfied?

It leads me to all sorts of adventures, only they are not done yet.  Those adventures will be saved for another day.

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