Friday, 4 September 2015

Top Down reimagining set-in sleeve design

We'll get the old stuff out of the way.
That is the story of my day yesterday.
Create bag.  Have yarn left.  Make dishcloth.  Call it done.

I don not regret the passing of this yarn.  I have many useful articles from it.  Many.  Many, many.


I listen to the Knitmore Girls podcast and on one of their last episodes before their mat leave, they reviewed a new book and I had to have it.  I buy books carefully these days.  There just isn't room anywhere for more books, so an actual book had better be something I really am pleased with.

I purchased the book on their recommendation and have to say, if I weren't so excited by this book, I would be filled with something akin to the quiet satisfaction with a sound purchase.  I am much too thrilled with this book to be quiet!

Wow.  just wow.

Elizabeth takes you through the fundamental differences between sleeve cap design knit bottom up and top down.  She explores everything to make sleeves fit perfectly.  Everything is there, all the little bits that will help you make it fit you rather than you ending up close but no cigar.  And then at the back of the books she walks you through all the things to consider making adjustments.

She walks you through gauge swatches more completely than I have ever seen done before. This section is quite simply, beautiful.

The Knitmores spoke about the quality of photography in this book.  They are so very right.  No dark places and dramatic makeups.  Elegant simplicity is the rule of the day.  The sweaters rule these photos and each sweater is shown front, back, sides special touches.  All the things you wish you could see are there and each photo turns the little touches and incredibly simple detail into fine art.

The book is published by Quince and Co and their yarns are used exclusively in the book. If you ever have visited the Quince and Co website, you will see that everything here is infused with the aesthetic of their vision.  And that may very well be my favourite thing.  A full and complete vision of who they are is reflected here in every facet.

To say I am pleased is putting it mild.  This is the kind of book that will become a classic.

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