Friday, 25 September 2015

Are we done yet?

I had Carter try on his sweater the other day.  I am thrilled to say it fits perfectly.  Except.

Except the sleeves seemed narrow and slightly shorter than I would like.  I wanted them to need to be folded up so that as he grows, there is length there to grow into.  So...

back to the drawing board.  As I was pulling back the sleeve, I wondered if Ravelry has way to list projects that are done but are under renovation.  

Both sleeves have been reknit in stockinette to the end of the yarn and new yarn was added to lengthen to make the seed stitch cuff.It should be perfect now.

I am looking forward to seeing this on grandma's sweet little one.  Next up something just like this for his big brother.  Because heaven knows I have the yarn!

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