Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A knitting kind of day!

And really, that is all I did.  

The back of the bolero is complete and the first front is well on the way.  It isn't taking anytime to get it done at all.  So far. I say the so far lest karma comes back and bites me.

It is still black.  Plain black.  There is very little plain black in the wool room and I am ever so thankful for that.  knitting black isn't bad once in a while, but boy, if I had bought yarn in the colours of my wardrobe...Black.  I find myself not fond at all of black knitting.  I can really only do it in daylight and have to deal with sitting there once twilight comes.

I need to start something bright.  I have a couple of ideas but I really need to finish some things up first.  I need to finish sweaters for the girls and I have to do a sweater for Isaac too.  Thankfully these things are bright enough to carry me through. 

Knitting away, in black.  sigh.


Sel and Poivre said...

I once set out in November to knit a pair of charcoal black knee high dress socks for my husband. The pattern was a lift from a pair his great aunt had knit him when he was in his 20's, 20 years prior. They have a double seed stitch ground broken by a couple of ribbed columns that flow down to bracket the heel gusset.

My plan was to get them done while he was away on a business trip then give them to him for Christmas.

I only ever got one done and it was brutal work to say the least. I wrapped that one up for him and left the other until the new year when I would only sit in sunbeams to work on them.

Knitting in black is a problem for sure!

Anonymous said...

Hi Needles,

I was reading your post from yesterday and noted that you had made some of your own laundry detergent. When you listed borax, washing soda and soap as one of the three ingredients what type of soap did you use?? I have long been interested in trying out a recipe but don't want to waste $$ experimenting. I live in rural AB and want to try a small batch myself. I am assuming that when you listed washing soda also you probably meant Arm & Hammer but I wasn't sure if this is so. Is there a spot where I could find the recipe measures to make a batch? I think this would be a nice change from the norm and much more kind to the pocketbook and environment also.

I continue to enjoy your knitting energy and enthusiasm! I'm making a baby blanket for the first great-grandchild in our extended family and am so eager to complete.

Thanks - F.