Friday, 10 July 2015

Too Darn Hot

Yesterday the temperature here was 34.1 and that is just too hot for anything.

It was too hot to read.  It was too hot for knitting.  It was too hot to play solitaire on the computer. It was too hot for TV.  I have no idea what I did all day, but whatever it was, it was too hot for it.  This couldn't have come at a better time.

I know.  That sounds odd, that the heat and that it was too hot should have a right time.  My right hand was a little over stressed from the day I quilted the white square.  It was achy in a not good way.  Even a week later, there still is a little of it in the very center of my right hand.  I can see that I am going to have to be more careful to work the quilt in with everything else.  

While I am enjoying watching the puffing, I can tell you for certain, quilting will never, ever be where I stay. This is a chore, make no mistake about it, but I set myself on this course so long ago.  In some ways, it is something I thought about since I was a very little girl.  That there is wool in the centre of it is happy circumstance.  If it wasn't for the wool batts, I think I would have happily tossed the project when I moved.  Yes I loved the design of this quilt, but quilting has always been about having a warm blanket.  Its about getting it done, once or twice in a lifetime.  

Doing it is also about simply using what is on hand, consuming less.  Other than the thread for the quilting, I am making do with what I have. The binding is going to be just the extra backing folded forward over the top because the fabric is there.  I debated about a crisp white edge, but really, there is lots of fabric there already and well, I already have this.

The hand is feeling much better this morning but I am still going to take it easy again today. Light knitting, and again, not too much of it.

The forecast is for hot again today.  There are clouds around, so with a little luck, it won't be nearly so warm today.  It it heads to that horrible hotness, I am going to go find a cool place for a couple hours. I might just go to the mall and find a quiet place on a bench and sit and knit,  

And that is the only time I will ever look forward to going to the mall. and you can count on that.

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