Thursday, 21 May 2015

This Weeks Forecast

The May long weekend is considered the beginning of summer here. Gardens go in.  All the campgrounds open.  Things are turning green.  We hope. A new week, a new season ought to be marked by something new and after all the kiddie things, I needed a little something for me. There will be more kiddie things later.

 My good friend brought me this yarn back from a trip to Halifax.  Its a Fleece Artist BFL 2/8 which is just about my favourite yarn.*

The plan is to knit every inch I possibly can of this delicious yarn so I wanted a pattern that would allow me to do that.  I also wanted a pattern that would be interesting but not painful.  I just can't deal with complexity.  Heck, right now, I can barely remember where my coffee cup is, so interesting and simple seemed to right place to be.  

There is no better place to look for interesting and simple than Martina Behm's Strickmich!  I bought a few of her patterns a while ago, when she had a special on for Knitmore Girls  podcasts and looking through those, found Magrathea.  

And it is quite perfectly interesting and simple and I love knitting it.  It isn't that there aren't challenges.  There are.

There have been several times where I had to pull back and redo a set of rows.  There are two that are a little close in a particular pattern element.  If I set the thing down, it can be hairy as in scary! Since I started placing a marker right at the point where the few stitches are cast off, it has been much, much easier and now that I know where my particular difficulties will lie, I can knit a little easier.

Its always that way for me.  Understand a problem, and then slay it.  I don't know that my problems are quite slayed.  There will probably be more times where screwing up will walk closer by my side than I care for, but I know what too look for and that pleases me.

I have a wee companion with me for a few days.  

Toby's duck came for a visit, and just happened to bring his wee master.  The master is a little more work than the duck is, but both are very good company!

I planted flowers on my deck on Tuesday and did my shopping yesterday.  The sun is out.  My house is more or less tidy.  I have nothing important (that I remember) to do.  My forecast for the rest of the week, is Knit.  Knit.  Knit. 

* It should be noted, that at all times, yarn, all yarn, or anything that could even be considered as yarn, is my favourite yarn.  This is a constant source of surprise to me.    

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