Monday, 11 May 2015

Some days

Some days I have nothing to say and others, I think I have a weeks worth of things that need to come out.  Still, I ought to proceed in an orderly fashion...or not.  

What with one thing and another, the other being that it has not taken too long to do my daily bit of work on the basket, I have been spending a lot of time winding yarn lately.

I may very well leave this set up for a while.  I moved a chair when I was cleaning the desk and do I ever like it that way.  I can sit in the kitchen at the table and see the tv while I am winding and that has proven to be a real bonus!  

The winding that I am doing is winding for the next things to be knit.  And the thing after that.  And after that.

So, that is the first thing in an orderly fashion.  Time to go sit in the sun and count my blessings.  Time to knit.  Time for coffee.

Oh, I will squeeze a little laundry in and some housework but the biggest part of my day today is going to be spent taking the time I have in this life and I will waste it wisely. We all need more days to do this.

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