Thursday, 28 May 2015


When I tucked my wee visitor into his kennel last night, I should have thought.

I keep my windows open.  Without a basement, it is the only way to cool things off enough to make it through the hot days.  Daytimes, they are closed, and are not opened again till the heat is waning.  Last night was cool.  About half the windows were closed or only open a very small bit because of the threat of rain.  I thought that would be enough, but wee Toby may have had a bit of a tough night.

He was reluctant to come out of his kennel and when he did, it was only to go curl up on the couch where the blankets are piled for him.  I was wearing a shawl, so I tucked that over him, poor thing, and put another blanket on top.  

I ought to have tucked something over top his kennel.  Even just a towel on the top would have made a huge difference, I think.  I probably ought to have just kept him with me last night.   

He has warmed up and seems none the worse for wear, though he does seem to like sitting under the blankets.  

I am no different.  I am swathed in knitwear and intend to stay that way.  A good hearty stew will go into the oven shortly and will cook slowly till dinner.  The heat the oven throws is going to be most welcome by Toby and me.

It might be a good day to bake some bread...just to stay warm.

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