Monday, 4 May 2015

And another

Not a terminally cute FO, but a finished one that I absolutely love.

It's just hits it's post finishing bath now, so it will be out, not blocking, but not aggressively so, shortly.  It is already 6 feet from tip to tip and that is a good length for how I wanted to wear this one.

If you look carefully, you can see each change of skein.  The yarn is very simply processed and they are all the same 'dyelot' though no dye has been used.  I can only see one here, and I didn't see that until I noticed it on the photo.  I doubt that it will be noticeable as I wear it. Even if it is noticeable by some eagle eyed sprout out there, it wouldn't worry me at all.  No two animals are the same and even twins have small differences.  I accept all yarn  :) 

I am going to dig out a couple other things that need baths and cleaning while I am at it.  

Today.  Cleaning day?  Bath Day?

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