Saturday, 25 April 2015

Prairie Things

There is just nothing like garter stitch.

It's a little thing but oh my, what a thing.

This yarn is Custom Woollen Mills Alpaca and Wool Mule Spinner 2 ply.  I have had this yarn for a while now and you know what?  I sure wish I would have worked with it sooner.

It's awfully nice.  Its very prairie.  

The prairies never jump up and hit you in the face like a mountain range or the rocky majesty of the east with waves crashing where ocean meets shore.  Prairie is space.  Prairie is open and light and air and wind and the sound of rustling grasses. It is stalwart and steadfast.

Prairie is hidden corners and small beauty and quiet kinds of richness.  Prairie is roots and wings.

Alpaca and Wool 2 ply Mule Spinner is kind of like that.  Its looks simple in the skein.  It's like the prairie is.  It speaks to light and space and wide open knitting in a plain sort of way.  

Till you knit it and it realize that it has hidden corners of beauty it is quite content to wait for you to discover.  It does not need to shout to make its splendour known.  It is content to wait for you. At peace.  Quiet.  Stalwart without being stodgy or harsh. It moves along your needles gently, no pulling or clinging yet it moves smooth and free.

While the yarn speaks of these things, I am not content till I shout it to that wide open prairie sky.  Don't wait.  Go find some.   

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