Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Myliu Lino

The knitting is complete on Myliu Lino 

This is where I really miss my old dress form. 

I loved every bit of knitting this.  It was a little like stripes.  If you made it to the lace bit, it just flowed so fast and there were so few rows between the lace bits.  Much faster than the calendar shows.  There were really very few hours put in to knit this,

I did switch to large needles as I knit down.  At the underams, I started the next lace section with a 4 mm needle and then knit two sections with that and switched to a 4.5 mm for the rest of the bottom.  My gauge is pretty much on target with the pattern gauge at the bottom and I have the more firm that the yarn requires at the top.  I have side seams to sew and underarm seams to graft or three needle bind off, and then ends to weave so the top itself, has a ways to go, but the knitting is done.

I tossed it over my head for a minute just to see how it would drape and look and I think i am pleased.  The drape is what I imagined.  It is a great blending of yarn and pattern even though it is very different from what the pattern calls for!

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Brendaknits said...

Just looked up that pattern. I LOVE IT. And I have the perfect yarn.