Tuesday, 24 March 2015

What else a stash dive does.

The big stash dive that just wound up wasn't just about sorting stash.  it was also about assessing WIPs and asking myself, 'do I really want them?'

There is one large box of yes, I do but a couple things turned toast.
Most of them were deleted from Ravelry some time ago, but the actual taking apart of the project and ripping back the yarn was waiting.  I had room for large numbers of WIPs.  Sort of.  There wasn't any rush.

The oldest was a shirt that was my first pieces knit it to fit me challenge back when I hardly knew what I was doing.  

The yarn is Phil Light from Phildar.  Its a brushed nylon yarn that I fell in love with back when I did not particularly care for Phildar and when I did not particularly like brushed yarns much less inexpensive brushed yarns.

But I loved the colour and I loved the way the completed body felt when I tried it on.  Yup.  That is right.  I had the backs and fronts done, it was all sewed together and if I recall correctly, I even had a sleeve knit.  The sleeve was too small or something and I had to take it out. And that is when it stopped.

I thought I would redo it but the longer it sat the more I recognized that there was something about the project that meant I was never going to wear it.  

It fit too well.  Too closely. It was meant to be a casual shirt, the sort of thing that you would toss over a t-shirt with jeans and the fit that I knit it to, meant it was much to shaped and form fitted for the look I was after.  

I have long thought about redoing it as something softer, less formed and fitted.  For a very long time, I worried that I wasn't going to be able to rip it back and recover the yarn. And so it sat in a box all on its own.

But I did find the time this weekend and its ready to re knit.  That soft lovely yarn came through the rip back nicely enough and once again, it is that most marvelous thing of all about yarn.  

It is a pile of possibilities, just waiting to be knit.

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Sel and Poivre said...

How can it feel so good to rip out so much work? It doesn't make sense on the face of it but it really is very satisfying to 'produce" potential by tearing something apart doesn't it?