Friday, 20 March 2015

Its been a kind of hectic week so there hasn't been a lot of time for thinking about writing. Knitting has been steady though and I think that is what is keeping me going.

I knit on my nice sweater in the evenings. I am trying to work on my socks at lunches. When I get the chance to take lunch that is. It is almost the season where I can go sit in my car without having it running and it stays warm enough to knit. On a sunny day it already is many days. 

What I am really waiting for is the sunny warm weekend days where its nice enough to sit and knit outside in spring.  The snow pile is almost gone from my deck and I should, I hope, be able to keep the light layers of spring snowfalls shovelled.  And then, the sunny days are mine.  

I am already dreaming of pretty red and white flowers and fronds of green grasses and thinking about how I can make it more of a retreat, with just the smallest bit more privacy.  And perhaps a wee corner where shade is created for the heat of high summer.  

I don't have a garden really and if I am not the person cutting my lawn, I will leave it plain to make his job lighter.  But I dream of fancying up my deck.  

Like knitting dreams only sunnier instead of woollier.

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