Monday, 16 March 2015

Finishing a good sort

There are 6 empty containers here.  2 are larger ones, and 4 are smaller size bins.  One large container comes from getting rid of the Cascade 220 that was excess. The rest, just sound reorganizing. I also have a shelf that is almost free in the wool room. 

That is what a good sort and order accomplishes.  Well that and a couple other things.  

Once I had all the bits and pieces of sock yarn from the various baskets and bags that it was stuffed in, I had to move to a much larger container for sock yarn.  If you ever doubt that sock yarn breeds, come see mine.  I am positive it does.  

Another surprising bit.  Sock yarn ends breed too.  More of the bits than I though I had left.  More culling in my future and I don't see that as a bad thing at all.

Then, there was seeing things with fresh eyes.  I don't generally forget yarns that I have but on occasion, when playing in the boxes and boxes of it, I see new combinations and new projects for a yarn. Playing in yarn always inspires.

While I have a sound stash of sweater yarns, I am quite surprised at the amount of small project yarns I have. I could knit small shawls or hats and mittens till the cows come home.  

Which kind of brings me to my absolute.  I need to knit more for me.  I need to knit more for my kiddies. I need to knit more for my daughters.  I just need to knit more.

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