Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A Little Eye Candy

Back in the time before, I had a glass cabinet in my study that held a changing palette of lovely inspiring yarns and yarn colours.  Often after a big stash dive, I would switch out yarns and refresh my space.

When I moved, I needed the cabinet for other things.  

Its kind of sad without the yarn in it but I love these things too.  
Please forgive the fuzzy photo.  Its late. But this is what is in my glass cabinet now.  The music boxes given to me over a lifetime.  They warm my heart and I like to play them when the kiddies come.  Or rather, I will soon.  Only Isaac is old enough to take the care of them that they require.  And my remaining dolls.  These things warm my heart and my glass cabinet is the perfect home.

But that means that if I want inspiration, I have to dig.  I don't care for that.  There should be yarn that is just out for touching.  For play.   For dreaming to. 

I made that happen.

It's a real mix of things that I would like to use over the next couple of months.  No absolutes though.  We all know that I sway to the winds of change and don't follow any kind of plan I ever made.

At the back is Estelle Yarns inimitable Cloud Cotton, my forever favourite cotton.  I made one sweater out of that stunning red and a want another made with my now wiser much steadier hand. There is plenty for a sweater and a tank.  Or two short sleeve sweaters.  Or something like that.  The brilliant white is the same yarn and I might use it with the red and I might not.  I haven't quite decided if I want some colourwork or not.  I can't really say how colourfast the yarn would be, but a guess would say, not really.  

Then there are two skeins of yarn for my Auntie, my most dearest auntie who asked for a couple of scarves like one I made a while back for her, in aquamarine and a rich purple from Rozetti yarns.

Then 2 Zauberballs for more of those delicious baby pants.

A green cotton silk blend , again for auntie, and then a homeless ball of Jo Sharp that was missed after sorting through stash but is a lovely yarn that I am looking forward to knitting.

Then the soft pale grays of the pewter colourway of Handmaiden's pure silk Rumple.

The rich purple in the foreground?  Silky Wool  from Elsebeth Lavold. That is definitely for one of my daughters and oddly enough is probably the source of my current obsession to knit a Adrift (my daughter looks great in that kind of style)

And then a yummy blue/green pure silk in an almost worsted weight yarn.  It doesn't really have a name and is a one of from a top Canadian dye house.  Or a two of, seeing how I have two that are going to work well together.  

And then a wonderful sea coloured BFL 2/8 that a friend brought me from the East Coast.  I think this is going to be the summer to knit with it.

A big basket of inspiration and dreams and all the other good things that yarn does for me.  Courtesy of freeing up the basket from errant WIPs and detritus of stuff and a wonderful weekend stash dive.

I still love wandering over to the yarn stores and looking over all the good things they have, but I love how I can shop in my wee store at home full of the wonders of my world. 

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Sel and Poivre said...

A basket full of treasure!