Thursday, 26 February 2015

With me

Since my journey in knitting began, I have always carried some knitting with me.

At first, I carried all my knitting in a large beer cooler bag.  I still have one that I could use but it is currently storing linen.

After the second of these wore out, I started buying bigger purses and keeping up to 3 projects in my bag at any given time. 

For the last many months, I carried a couple of socks and my Viajante.  And since I have working so diligently at home on Viajante, and with the last scrappy sock completed (they were a 'in my bag' project) the last few weeks, all I have with me is a single pair of socks. 

It does mean that my socks are getting knit on, though, but it isn't very interesting.

I'm going to keep hacking away at it because I really would like these done.  I am not really liking them but they will be socks and will get worn. Even I don't look at my feet. It isn't inspiring knitting though.

My bag knitting, my on the road, going places knitting, is a little grim.  I think my weekend is going to include some searching for some nice yarn to work on something pretty, something light and springlike and fun, that I can keep in my bag and spruce up my day to day knitting.  And I am going to find a much prettier skein of sock yarn for the next pair of socks.

Before I put 3 projects back in the bag, I need to clean out the bag.  Cleaning out my purse.  The weekend is looking up.??

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