Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Pretty things

I've been sorting and making my bedroom look nice.  It's high time.  To that end, a friend sent me the loveliest poster.

I finally found a poster frame that I could afford and away we go.  It is ready to hang in my bedroom.  Light and floral and something that soothes my trampled soul. It is really quite perfect.

Then I took something I have shown the blog before, 

And put it in a frame.  I used to have a narrow back frame on this, and at some point painted it white, but that frame was damaged in the move.  I like how this looks though I think it could look even better with another mat to give it more depth.  I could only afford the one in those long ago days.

Micheals, the source for quickie frames at a decent price, in this neck of the woods, also had some simple frames for photos of my grandkids. 

Small touches make home and my wee house is finally feeling like that.   

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Sel and Poivre said...

The work of choosing and framing (re-framing) and hanging/moving artwork and photos is such a big job but in the grand scheme of things - compared to other home improvements can make such a difference in making a house a home doesn't it?