Sunday, 8 February 2015


Friday, I thought I would work on the shawl this weekend, but it seems that isn't what my hands wanted.  Of course it didn't help that somewhere along the line there is an error and I cannot find it.  Part of me wants to bind off and call it good, but I am not to the dark blue, almost navy yarn part and I am going to get there.  Darn it all.

It was a very busy weekend here. It was major clean in my bedroom this weekend and I am quite sure that your rooms weren't as messy as mine.  I have suffered here from too much stuff (or at least it seems that way) and the excess stuff usually gets tossed in my room when company comes.  In truth, it isn't too much stuff, it is severely bad organisation.  I have closets that are almost empty and the stuff is in the living space.  I hate it but I also know that it took me 20 years to get the house organised and though small, it would be foolish of me to expect perfect organisation before I really know the place.  

Till I put up hooks behind my doors, I had sweaters in under bed boxes.  I did not like how that worked. The only time I could get to a different sweater, or put them away was if my room was free of anything (see paragraph 2).  It just made a bad situation worse. The hooks are not the ideal solution but it will do.  Now that the sweaters have a different home, I had empty under bed boxes.  I also had bed linens without a home and sewing and craft fabrics in 3 different storage places.    

So, fabric stash in the under bed boxes with a little room for growth, not that that will happen, and excess bed linens in the now empty drawer under the day bed.  

After all that, I just crawled to bed.  This morning, though I got up and knit and knit.  It was quite the loveliest day and the knitting was very, very good.
 That wee bit of black at the bottom is the collar of the sweater and I have had a few adventures getting the black and creams sorted.  I am knitting the patterns upside down, if you will, and it can be just a bit muddling as I wrap my mind around things.  The patterns are working out quite well with the stitch count I have, using 'Need a Circular Yoke' from Cabin Fever.  Overall, I am very pleased.

The best part though, is the yarn.  My Lopi experience has been knitting and wearing Einband (it will make you a believer in wool) so this is my first go with Lett Lopi.  All I can say is that it isn't itchy as some might call it.  Its cushy and really quite wonderful.  I can feel the wools stretch like in no other yarn before.  

And the colours?  Not at all too bright.  Really just the perfect knitting experience across the board.      

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