Wednesday, 11 February 2015


I put my knitting on a longer needle cable last night.  I am getting very close to the point where I like to try it on and check the depth of the work to see if the yoke is deep enough.

It is almost deep enough.  

It is also distressingly conical.  As in, when I try to lay it flat, it doesn't. 

I went back and counted rows and increase rows and looked at their placement.  It appears I skipped two increase rows.  Back to the drawing board.  Tomorrow night I will rip back and restart from the point where the first missing increase row ought to be. 

This isn't a bad thing.  I have learned some very good things by getting so far and realizing such a major structural error.  I know that the patterning numbers will work out very nicely and I know that the increase rows and numbers will work fairly seamlessly now that I have sorted out what I need to consider transition rows and patterning rows as I try to meld Huns patterning and the book I am using to help me sort out the yoke. 

I also know that my colour choices look really pleasing together and that the colour work patterns look wonderful.  

It might be distressingly conical at this point, and ripping back almost to the beginning might feel like a loss to some, but it feels like a win to me.  And that is the magic of what knitting has taught me.

Failing is winning.  It is just spelled a little differently.