Thursday, 15 January 2015

Thinking Relaxed

The weather outside is funky.  It's melting and it is humid, or at least more humid than I am used to here.  It leaves me feeling headachy and lethargic and not very with it.  It means that I need my knitting so much more, to settle the ragged edges I feel.

My Viajante is moving forward smoothly.  It's grown several inches over the last few days.  What a calm piece of work it is.  There is still a fair bit of ball one to knit, and when that is done, there is a whole other skein of the yarn to work with.  There are a few projects on Ravelry where the knitter did not want the long end, and shortened the project, but my plan is to use up every single inch of yarn that it is possible to use.

Last night, I sat down by the Blue and started a sleeve.  

This is a new ball of yarn, and as is to be expected, when purchased months after the first as it was, a very different dye lot number.  I think this is going to work though.  The colours are very close.  I think that if I was to try to work the 2 lots alternating on the same sleeve, you would see the difference between rows but I am going to work the entire sleeve in this second lot, and the other sleeve is also going to be entirely the second lot.    I might just get away with it!

It a huge relief, of course.  Plus, while I was buying yarn, I bought two more balls.  I am pretty certain I won't need two more balls, but I don't want to have to think about it.  I can work in the comfort of knowing the worry of running out isn't going to happen again.

I am applying the small reminder from knitting Viajante the last couple of days.  Knitting is supposed to be relaxing so I am working mindfully, keeping my hands relaxed, and my shoulders eased. 

Blue might have been stressful last week, but this is a different week.  And it is good.

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