Tuesday, 13 January 2015

How did that happen?

I was digging through my socks the other day.  It will soon be time to put some effort into socks again, I think.  There are some with holes that need fixing, some with sides that need a quick fix.  it is an odd mix of issues and really only one resolution, to darn, but for one pair.
This pair.  You may recognize it from last years sock-a-paloozza.  I have worn it once, I think and that was an issue.

It suffers from that terrible sock knitters problem of the too tight top.  Never used to happen from me, because I used to knit socks with more stitches.  I started working on fewer stitches because I really wanted my socks to stop turning round my feet.  They don't do it any longer but it means that it is critical to use a very stretchy bind off so that it fits easily over my feet and thick ankles.

I usually used Jenny's Surprsingly stretchy bind off.  I can't really tell what bind off I used here though.  I don't think its that.  Bottom line, it is just too tight.  I can get it on but it is a struggle.  

I could really use this pretty pair made from bits and ends of other socks, so it is time to fix it.  Just pull back that top edge and a row or two and then do a good and proper,  stretchy, stretchy bind off.

The cure for what ails. And then time to go digging through the big box 'o sock yarn to look for something wonderful and girly, or bright and cute or some combination in between and knit some brand new and beautiful ones.  

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