Tuesday, 2 December 2014


I don't know about you, but I get these things in my head and it is hard to be content till it is resolved.  The funny thing is what gets to be obsession and how often, it is unexpected.

My friend, SweaterRae,    is a fantastic knitter.  Some time ago, way back when the yarn store was downtown and when I was still working there and so was she, she brought in a stunning shawl that she had knit with a very special yarn.

It was Dawn, a pattern from Grace Anna Farrow's lovely little book, The Fine Line.  The yarn was Isager 1.

I felt the yarn my friend had and just fell in love.  I had noticed the book earlier but it didn't strike me as something to need urgent.  that changed after seeing the shawl knit up and hearing her talk about the yarn and what it was like to work with.  Deep and obiding but patient obessession.  At the start the book was out of print.  Or everybody was out of it.  Anyway it wasn't available.  I played yarn games for years and looked at the shawls people did on Ravelry.  I would play buying games and obsess over the yarn and the combinations that were possible.   

Till today when I saw the book now has a e-version.  The book is mine.

And the yarn will come soon enough. 

I would love to work with the yarn, but I would also really like to use up some of the yarn I have.  I have tons of laceweight and a lot of it doesn't have a specific pattern to be knit into.  These are lovely  simple designs using many colours, at least 4 per shawl, and I could use some of the many colour combinations that are possible from my stash.

Or I could just order a little more Icelandic Einband.  It would be a very different creature, but I think it would be a really great yarn for these shawls.

Dreams and maybe one day soon, reality.  Till then, I have an ebook to dream on.  A small obsession easily filled.

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