Tuesday, 25 November 2014

It counts

A little bit of a virus made me leave work early yesterday and its attendant headache kept me home today.  I hope for much better tomorrow.  To every crappy thing, there is always the other side of the coin.  I had time to knit.

I didn't this morning.  I slept but I found myself completely slept out by lunchtime.  I didn't want to stay in bed so I crawled to the sofa and covered myself with knitting, both worn and to be knit upon.

Its been a couple of weeks, since I last worked on it, or at least, last talked about it, but I think I am pleased with the way my heavy warm wool vest is going.  I finished the back a few days ago working a few rows a day, but today, I sat down and did one side of the front.

I will complain about my hands tomorrow no doubt, but for today, they just kept wanting to knit.  Focusing on the knitting and thinking about hands, and resting on and off, meant that I didn't have to think about my headache.  They did not tire till the last 3 rows of garter stitch on the band.  By then I was committed to finishing because I was so close.

Its an interesting way to knit this heavy weight yarn.  The usual is straight up and down with the patterns running horizontally, but I ran into the Heritage vest in a magazine a long time ago, and I always though that was an interesting way of treating the patterning.  I had the yarn in my stash, the big thick chunky Prairie Wool from Custom Woolen Mills.  Its followed me for a while now and no matter where it lived, it was in the way.  That means it was time to deal with it and knit it. 

And so I began, with some wool, some needles and a sort of half baked idea interpreted my way. And I think it is coming out right.  Or close enough to right that it works for me.  It is going to take forever to get the rest of this done, and work is going to be busy for the next two weeks.  

Sigh.  Still I got the better part of a vest out of a sucky kind of day. That counts for something.

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Christine said...

This is a fabulous vest. I hope you are feeling better! Enjoy the break from work. I have no doubt you need it.