Wednesday, 19 November 2014


I was sitting on the sofa on Sunday and the light was bright and just so exactly perfect.  I was knitting on my red sweater and noticed something.

I knew I was knitting my red sweater with different dye lots.  I sorted the dyelots that I did have and took great care to find skeins that there was no visible difference.  I looked at them in all sorts of light and they were fine.  Sitting there in that oh so perfect light on Saturday? Not so much.

I realized I am going to have to dye it.  Huge drastic differences seen in perfect light mind, but still seen.  I have always known this day would come.  Well, rational realistic me who worked so hard to find close lots knew it would come, but hopeful me, the me that can hide from the truth like nobody's business?  That me had kind of made up her mind she got off the dyelot bandwagon scott free.

So Not.  Dyeing is going to be the last step before finishing this sweater.

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