Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Its a red, red, red, red world.

Not only do we have my big red sweater to work on

We have a tiny red sweater to work on.
My granddaughter needs another sweater.  She has grown out of all the sweaters I have knit her.  She is still wearing the white cabled one I knit her last winter, but its sleeves are getting short and the body is looking like a bolero.

This one will be red.  And fancy!

A friend gave me a some embroidery patterns that I just can't wait to use, and they will be used on the collar of this sweater.  It will be made on cotton and I am debating making the collar removable for cleaning.  Collars just don't get dirty as much as the front of a sweater does, Or sleeves.  And there is also the red bleed factor.  I have a feeling that the yarn is going to bleed when it is washed.

The yarn is a lovely little undersung combination of wool and cotton, Sandnesgarn Mini Duett  I love how fibre like this feels.  It is warm but not heavy, and I think it is going to make the loveliest feeling wee sweater.

Mini Duett is a very fine fingering weight. I debated about using it singly, but in truth, its winter.  A sweater needs to be warmer. And I didn't want to be knitting this wee thing till kingdom come.   The yarn is held double and I love the weight that it creates.  It's turning into a really great DK weight and I am getting wonderful mileage out of the it.

I have a few more inches of the body to knit, and then sleeves, which will feel speedy in comparison to my own red sweater.  Then the embroidery! 

Looking forward to playing with some of my favourite stuff!

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