Monday, 15 September 2014

Two Little Ears

The Failynn Fox Cowl is a long pattern. 7 pages.  I am more or less done the knitting

but I am still only on page 4 and a half.  Most of this is because of the number of sizes she is including, but she also writes very very clearly, without being overly 'slip markery'.  Slip Markery is my term for those patterns where they write out the words slip marker every time you are supposed to slip the marker as you come to it for each and every row of knitting.  That drives me batty.  Still, there are two pages of ear instructions.

Anyway the ears are up next and I suspect that these will be finished this evening, along with buttons on the things that need buttons, for delivery this week to all the mums and babies.  

Only one hat remains and that is the purple, orange, yellow and black hat.  I have the yarn assembled but I don't think there is anyway to finish it before Tuesday, my planned delivery day.  
I'm just not that fast a knitter. 

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Christine said...

This foxie hood/cowl is going to be so adorable! Have you considered polar fleece for a lining? It's stretchiness makes it goes so well with knitted fabric, and it would save a tonne of time knitting a lining.