Wednesday, 3 September 2014

But really, what is up next?

I don't know.

I will admit there is a list and then there is always a most recent current obsession.  And my most recent current obsession is...

The Pre-wrapped wrap from Purl Soho.  I love the unstructured look.  I think I have been looking for this since they started doing wraps with sleeves (this go around) several years ago.  This is even simpler than a wrap with sleeves.  Its just a wrap sewn to make sleeves.

I am busy thinking about yarns.  

I have some Harrisville Silk and Wool in a creamy natural that would keep the rough and ready look of the original yarns.  This not smooth yarn might work really nicely for it.

I am also thinking of blowing gauge out of the water and making it out of a heavier than recommended yarn.  I have some Naturally Alpine in a deep green that would work nicely for it, if I dared.

I have some Berocco Ultra Alpaca in a rich lovely rusty colour or some tomato red Filtweed, good tweedy richness that would maintain the unstructured look in its own unique way.  

There are tons of other yarns and they would all give different looks to Pre-Wrapped.  I don't think I will decide till the moment I start to knit.  Its nice that way.  Excitement to start the knitting.  Excitement to see what ends up in my hands.  It is all good and I can't wait.

So do I work on something already started?  Do I start something completely new?  Do I work from the list of things I want to knit before Christmas? (eeeep)  So many choices.

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Brendaknits said...

Thanks for the link to the wrap pattern. It looks very interesting.