Wednesday, 10 September 2014

And back to work

I took an evening to get my head back to work.  And Oh.  Wow. 
Did I find stuff.

Of course a stash dive in a search for inspiration, has some unforeseen side effects.

 Unforeseen is probably the wrong word.  I knew full well that it would happen.  I just dream sometimes that I would be one of those people who would put stuff away. Not going to happen.

I find comfort when there is yarn at my feet,
 and in front of the tool and cool yarn storage drawer unit,
 and in front of the doll and music box display case.
 The upside is that the wool room looks quick splendid.

I listened to the most recent Savvy Girls podcast.  Well gosh darn it, it was the latest cast earlier this evening when I started listening.  I was listening to the UnIronic Acrylic Love episode.  I just love listening to these guys and it has been a while.  I highly recommend this podcast for the sheer joy that spills out of these guys,

My stash dive came up with fantastic forgotten results.  I knew I had a really big stash of Berroco Comfort Chunky, but I had forgotten that I had it in the colours to make the Failynn Fox Cowl.

I am a little stunned that it all came together so well.  I knew I was going to work up one of these gorgeous chunky cowls but that I had everything to make the cutest one of all?  

I don't have circulars in this size but I do have straights.  Here we go, about half done.  Cool isn't it?

I love stash diving.


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