Monday, 8 September 2014

A sweet Baby sweater and the real end.

I knit this sweet sweater for my wee prince, Carter, a little while ago.  The pattern is Baby  Sophisticate by Londen Down.  It was a little big for my Carter, so I wasn't in a real rush to finish.  I thought, for fall.  Well it is fall.

Now how did that happen?

The last several days, instead of knitting, I have been finishing.  First I finished wee baby pants.  Well, except for the buttons, and those just need to be sewn on. I am hoping before this post is finished, to have a photo of my wee fell in them!

Or not as the case may be.

And since then, I have been working on finishing the sweater.  the knitting was long done, but there were ends to weave.  Striped sweater.  Chunky cotton yarn. How to weave them in without giving the thing unattractive extra bulk.

 Each colour change means two thick pieces of cotton which each break down into three finer strands of cotton singles that need to be to woven in.  Thankfully, Wendy Supreme Cotton is a sturdy mercerised yarn and it is easy to split and sews pretty nicely.
It is just a matter of hiding that single strand in among the other stands of fibre.It isn't perfect, but I am very please with the way it turned out.
 I could title this post Tails of a Sunday Afternoon, but that would be just a bit cliche. There is a huge piles of yarn tails though.  Huge.
I worked all Sunday morning till I just couldn't stand it anymore.  My brain had the life sucked out of it before I was finished. I still have one arm to weave and trim to add to that pile.  

I did a little knitting, just to take the edge off. I'll show you that tomorrow.  Gotta save up my posts.  There is another wee one about ready to be born sometime this week I should think, unless he isn't going to have any mercy on his momma and makes her wait some more. It may interrupt with my usual chatter.

In the meantime, I am taking the rest of the afternoon, to go digging in the wool room.  There are hats to be made and sweaters that need finishing and this house is soon to be awash in wool and patterns and things that are not baby things. Babies are wonderful but Grandma needs some new sweaters too.  

PS. The movie is the Odd Life of Timothy Green.  It remains unwatched.  Maybe during the week.   

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Sandra said...

lovely! And funny, because I just finished weaving in a whack of blue toned ends as well on a fair isle hat. I don't blog much anymore, but you can see my stuff on Instagram - @sjrichardson10