Wednesday, 20 August 2014

It's come to this.

I am busy knitting away on the wee pants.

I have another bit to go before I can start the crotch, though strictly according to pattern, I could start the crotch stitches in another inch.  I am going a little longer because my little prince is a long baby.  Whether he stays long as he grows, I don't know, but for now he is long and I intend to knit to fit.

Also, because I am perennially worried about running out of yarn, I went out and found a yarn that will coordinate with this, just in case.  Its is a single skein of Gems fingering weight in that lovely deepest blue.  Though I think I will have lots of yarn to be getting on with, I just couldn't feel settled till I had backup.  Silly me.

I caught myself doing something the other day that made me laugh at myself.  

My new home needed some curtains.  Window dressing really.  Not required.  It just looked a little bare and unfinished.  I found the perfect thing the other day wandering around a store and my mom helped me hang them.

I am pretty happy with the way it is coming together.  There is a lot of the old things for comfort and a few new touches here and there.  What do curtains mean in the grand scheme of things, the knitterly scheme of things?  

Well, curtains, from many vendors, come in nifty little bags, sometimes with a sticky type closure but if you are lucky, with a zipper closure.  I now have 3 new little zipper closure bags.

I tucked those aside before mom could ask any questions.  I was pretty tricky about it, and I made sure she didn't see.  And that is why I had to laugh at myself.

Subterfuge over a couple small zipper closure clear bags.  It's come to this.  


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Brendaknits said...

Your home looks just lovely. Very rich and welcoming.