Friday, 4 July 2014

It's Friday right?

That is how I feel this morning.  It just doesn't feel like it could be real and yet I am really really ready for a Friday.

I knit quite a lot on my pretty little shawl.  I love the ways the colours are working out.  No pictures yet, but for sure on Monday.

I wish it could be a weekend of just knitting but I have a feeling that the weekend will be more looking at houses.  The reality of moving is catching up.  There are still corners to sort out though none of it is coming here.  Well except a couple of things.  My big storage box.  The two tables. 

My hope for the weekend is just to feel rested at the end of it. That isn't too much of a thing to ask is it?  In summer?  Ought to be doable.

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