Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Silky Wool

The Silky Wool.  Ah yes.

I love Silky Wool.  The colours are so vibrant and it is so soft.  I have heard a myriad of stories about it.  Some, that it stretches too much, some that it just doesn't wear.  Me?  I.  Do.  Not.  Care.

I just love Silky Wool. I kinda have a collection.  

I have a copy of New England Knits, and a friend who went through a Northampton Neckerchief phase.  I went with her. 

I made one

and for a couple of weeks played colour games with the pattern and well, ended up with a collection of Silky Wool.  I do have a lovely purple in quantity to make a sweater and it will probably used by Christmas this year for my second daughter in law for a sweater.  

According to some, the yarn has flaws, but I think the job for us is to pick a pattern to suit a yarn.  It is a soft yarn.  It is thin and might not hold up to very detailed patterns.  Picking the right pattern for it is going to be important.  I am leaning to Adrift or perhaps Ecuador.  Both of these have the right kind of soft drape that will only be enhanced by a soft wonderful yarn

So.  Yes there is the Silky Wool.  And lots and lots to think about and even more to knit.  And this is a wonderful thing.


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Sel and Poivre said...

Yes indeed that is the thing we must do...get the pattern/yarn combination right! For me, so much easier said than done though but I'm not giving up!