Monday, 7 April 2014


The last time I moved homes, I was about 35 years old, had 3 small kids, a husband and unpacked all the boxes in 3 days.  Yesterday I built part of a tv stand.  

Its going to take longer this time.  Just sayin'.

I have built all kinds of flat pack furniture before.  All the book cases, an entire study, dressers, you name it, I built it.  If there was something that was mostly put together, but needed legs?  Did it.
This tv stand is impossible.  The holes are drilled on the wrong side of one piece or the wrong side is finished.  Other holes are filled with the almost impermeable layers of goopy finish.  Very frustrating.  

It is like a badly written knitting pattern.  You can sort of see where it ought to take you, but the directions on the page are not going to take you there.  If you did exactly what the pattern said, pretty soon, you are knitting a sleeve on the stomach, and the neckline on the left side is somewhere near your hips.

Building this tv stand is a lot like that.  I am working it through, and it will actually look like something that could hold my tv. Once this is done, the tv is off the floor, and that wall is done.  Then the bookcase can be moved into place and I can hit the boxes and make some room!  Then lamps and pillows and voila, a home!

Most things can be built with persistence and patience, even recalcitrant tv stands and bad knitting patterns.  Slowly one stitch at a time, piece by piece.

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Brendaknits said...

Not only are they poorly engineered sometimes, but the instructions being translated from Chinese or some such - often make little sense.