Thursday, 3 April 2014

And still knitting

there have been a couple of days where the knitting has been sparse, but there still is progress.  I am whittling down that bag of bits to an amazing degree.

 This sock is a little more of a progression than some of the others.  I have several small balls of colour and 2 much larger ones.  So my goal here is to try to use it up evenly through the whole sock.

I started with 7, then did 3, 3, 3 and then 7.  That was when I realized that my small bits wouldn't go very far if I used them for 7 row segments.  I changed the count of the sections to be 7, 3,3,3,3,3 - with 3 of the stripes being my base colour, the green, and 2 being from different small balls.  That seems to be working out much better and I think I can continue this progression through the rest of the sock.
You can see really clearly here that I used 2 different greens.  One is a solid and the other is a long section of plain green from one of the multi striping yarns I am working with.  It makes sense to stretch out the green as much as possible and it gives me just that little bit more room to make a longer sock.  

There is a great deal of variety among these colours.  From reds to dark browns to red and orange toned rusts.  In the box, they look a little odd.  That deep red is a little far out there, but the green gives it a base to go home to and that is really what your eye sees.  The camera might 'see' a little differently, but your eye sees a green sock with stripes.  

That solid colour foundation has led to some very pleasing socks and this is going to be another one that I will be very happy with.

I am almost down to the last stuff packing.  Its going into high gear later today.  I have to work, but I am going to apply that deep focus that I use when I knit sweaters and apply it to my work.  No waffling, no stopping, just high gear production.  When my tasks for the day are done, I am going to pour myself into sorting the last of the last boxes and pack my clothes for the next few days into suitcases.  

That way when my moving crew arrives, I will be ready and we will all finish up the hard part the moving of boxes and furniture early and easily.  Then we can hit the pizza and beer.  

There still is a lot of work to be done at the old home place.  Lots to pack sort and toss.  My favourite part though, the most enjoyable part of any move is the unpacking.  I love that part. that settling into to something new.

I always have lots of people who want to help with this part, but for me?  This part is my treasure.  I savour it and relish in it.  And I can't wait!  


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Sandra said...

The luxury of being able to leaves some stuff at the old lace for later while you sort is so nice!
I love the move and the unpack, but when EVERYTHING has to go in a day - that's the stressor for me.
Good luck with everything!