Monday, 24 March 2014

Coming home.

If you get the chance, you really ought to go on a knitting retreat.  Retreats were something women of my mothers generation did, and I think they really did it just to get away from the kids for a while, to rest and think and have someone else cook for them.  Of course in my mom's time a retreat was to a religious House of Retreat.  No matter, the fashion for retreats went out and now people crave holidays far to the south in warmer climes to make it through our winters. But if you can't do that far trip, and maybe even if you can, you really ought to try getting away with a group of people who love what you love.   

Strawberry Creek was lovely, the company was fine and the food...oh my the food.  We are fed so very very well there.  We went for the knitting, we keep going back for the food.!  And the knitting!

And after that, I stopped to visit my favourite new wee peanut and to play with My Big Guy too.  Gosh darn it I love my grandkids.  

Then when I got home, there were pretty things waiting for me.

 I ordered some rich deep purple Smooshy for another baby Pepita for my Wee Peanut.  It is impossibly deep coloured and rich, oh so kingly and rich.  And there is just no way to take a photo of it that does it justice.  Nothing captures is truly dark deep intensity.  So sadly, this is as good as it gets.  Amethyst Ink and it really is a deep purple inky rich colour.

And then there was an accident of silk. 

 I cannot seem to capture the true depth of the colours that seem to land at my door.  When you have an accident of silk, you really must try to have an accident of red.  Sigh.  Just so perfect. Not at all the cerise leaning colour that shows up here.  Bright cheery cherry.

Now isn't that a nice way to finish off a particularly lovely weekend?  Inky Amethyst and an accident of silk?  Works for me.


Sandra said...

A red silk accident is the very best kind of accident.
And "Gosh darn it I love my grandkids" is something I think EVERY grandma says!!

Brendaknits said...

i have never been on a knitting retreat. They always seem so expensive. But maybe it's time.