Thursday, 6 February 2014

When Knitting Attacks.

Remember that long cast one I did?  I haven't knit on it in a while.  It still is only an inch long and an inch isn't going to cut it.  Part of the reason I have been avoiding it is that it has a problem.  It is at that stage and after all that hard work...I hate this part of knitting.

Because I wanted a bottom hem to match the finishing on the neckline and wrists, and because the finish is i cord which is perpendicular to the rest of the stitches, row gauge is a problem.  And I did not make an allowance for it.  

It blouses.  It blouses and poufs even with one measly inch of knitting.  Imagine this once 6 inches is knit, once the body is knit.  Imagine that sad little too short row of i cord pulling everything in right where it absolutely must flow and drape.  

Yeah.  You know what I am doing this morning.  Ripping back.  We will see about restarting.  I might just work on a different sweater. 

It sure was a nice i cord.  I will always have that.  

Please note:  

The blog title is stolen directly from the source, the Knitmore Girls Podcast, which if you still have not listened to, you ought.

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